16 Jul, 2021

The Digital Era is here!

We’re living in the digital era.

What does that mean for you as a business?

Well, almost every consumer on the planet has access to a mobile phone or the internet. And that means that the whole game of business and consuming has been disrupted and is changing.

Basically as a consumer, we often just research - at the tip of our fingers we can type in on Google, our problem or the solution we’re looking for, or the service we want to find and we have a list of different competitors showing up on this Google platform or even on social media.

And then we do the analysis, don’t we? We often look at which brand is the best, which looks most professional and credible, which can I trust the most, which is most up to date.

That all points towards your social media and your online presence as a business, right?

It’s never been more important to dominate online, be better than your competitors in this way, and really show off what you can do and what you know. Show that you can solve those problems for your consumers.

And to do this, remember the digital impact method. You need to create high quality, high value and high consistency and combine all those three ingredients to dominate online and create that digital impact.

That’s what I mean by ‘the digital era is now’, and it’s never been more important for us as business owners to be dominating online. Creating as much value as possible because there’s such an abundance of information in the world. We need to put out as much value as possible, create that community and build that trust, that engagement, that credibility and so on, to get those leads, to get those sales in the digital world.

Really think about it, if you’re not online yet, and you’re not covering at least a few social media platforms with some consistent, quality and valuable content, you need to start doing that in your brand.

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