23 Sep, 2021

The Digital Impact Method - Creating Consistency

Many small businesses fail to create content consistently and this can really put off your audience. It shows that you’re not so professional. It shows that you’re not up to date and it really doesn’t make you stand out against your competitors.

To gain that competitive advantage, you have to be consistent. Remember the digital impact method: To have that digital impact and strong online presence, you have to have high quality, valuable and consistent content, it’s combining all three. Can’t just have high quality and value, you need to be consistent.

How can you be consistent in your content creation?

Well, you need a plan and a strategy in place. And what I mean by that is you can follow our acronym that we use a lot, PETS: Planning, engaging, templates and scheduling.

If you follow PETS you can really create consistency within your content and your business model.

  • Planning is booking a day for filming and a day for editing into your content calendar, into your monthly schedule and booking it out just for creating content.

Nothing else, no other meetings, no other requirements, no other responsibilities, just book it out for creating content.

And once you get in that habit, you’re going to start to see that you are going to create consistent content.

You just have to push yourself to really make that time for it. And in reality, two days a month is not a lot, and that’s all you need to create content for each day of the month. * Engaging with your audience is a huge part of being consistent.

You have to leave comments, you have to reply to comments, you have to send DM’s, you have to receive DM’s and answer them.

You have to leave comments on people in your industry, on your clients posts, show your expertise, share your bit of knowledge or your bit of opinion on that topic and this really, you know, shows that you’re engaging, shows that you’re interested and shows, you know, you have some sort of expertise to give to other people and value to, to give.

  • Templates is a great way of being consistent because with templates, through things like Canva, you know, graphic design software online that can be free to use, you can create templates that you can go back to every time you want to create content.

Repurpose those videos into graphics, some sort of post you can optimize for social media like Instagram stories, square or IGTV. Templates are a really great way of remaining consistent.

  • So finally, I would have to suggest that you look at scheduling your content.

Think about when your audience are active, look at your insights, when are they most active and engaging with your content?

For example, look at LinkedIn, you know, the stats show that in LinkedIn, people are most active on the commuting hours between 08:00 and 9:00 AM or 4:00 and 6:00 PM.

And that’s because they’re commuting and they’re not at work and it’s because it’s a B2B platform, so that’s a good idea to post during those times. So similarly, do this with all your social medias, understand your audience, who they are, the demographic is, and really when they are active and then schedule your posts for those days.

Those are my top tips, the four areas to stay consistent with your content. To sum up, PETS, planning, engaging, templates, scheduling.

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