17 Sep, 2021

The Digital Impact Method - Creating Value

The digital impact method is a three-step process in transforming your online presence.

It combines high quality, value and consistency in your content and creates that real digital impact. You’d be surprised, but so many businesses are neglecting these three things in their content, mostly because they find it overwhelming or time consuming or just too expensive, but it doesn’t have to be this case.

I believe that a small business must create high quality, create high value and consistency in their content even if they start at a low budget with minimal understanding of how production works.

But how do we create high value content?

Well we follow the four pillar method (the four p’s) to create high value. This is creating content around people, around purpose, around product and around proof.

Creating content around people because people connect with people. You need to make your brand feel human. And the humanization of your brand comes from creating content around the founder, around the team, around the clients. These are the people in your brand at a basic level.

So think about creating content around each of these areas, show the team’s experiences, their roles, their love for the job and what they do.

Talk about the founder, create content around the founder and what they do, their background and show their personalities show really, you know, what they’re all about and make your business feel personal.

The next pillar around content is purpose. Purpose basically shows what your business is all about on a deeper level. What your bigger purpose is.

It shows your mission and your vision and your values. It shows your audience, what makes you different and unique. So, here you should bring your brand values to the table, create content around your mission, your vision, your bigger picture, how you want to help the world and how you really make an impact. This creates a lot of credibility, awareness and trust between you and the audience.

The third pillar is product. Now, it sounds like an obvious one, and it’s what most businesses focus on, but really it’s just one component out of four. But what product does, is it demonstrates your offering. So create content around the customer journey, make it easy for the audience or passers by to know what you do, what you offer, how your process works, show details, show behind the scenes of the actual product or service. This is what customers really connect with and what in reality they really want to see, right?

Finally, creating content around proof.

Proof essentially pushes your clients or your audience over the edge and makes them want to buy from you. It makes them really want to commit. And this is content that shows their pain points, their solutions, what is it they struggle with?

And you need to show that you understand that. Combine that with industry statistics, combine that with testimonials, combine that with your own expertise and really just show them why they should buy from you, why you offer such value and what you can really offer your audience.

And that’s the four pillar methodology.

When you create content around these four pillars, people, purpose, product, and proof, you create value for your audience.

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