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Tuttelu – Løvens Hule – Louise Herping – BTS Film

    We did a press shoot for Tuttelu to announce that they had gotten investment from angel investor Louise Herping at their participation in the Danish television show ‘Løvens Hule’. Along with the photos we also made a behind the scenes video. 

    Handyhand – User story

      We created multiple testimonais/user stories for Handyhand as part of the First Impressions Package.

      Handyhand – First Impressions Package

        A founders film via the first impressions package for Handyhand. From just a half day filming, we created up to 30 videos for this package meaning lots of flexibility and options for marketing!

        Intercare – First Impressions Package

          Another successful start-up through the first impressions package! With Intercare, we needed to create a brand film that cut to the point with a brilliant pitch, that made it easy to understand their platform. This film is being used for funding rounds, sales, brand awareness ad overall brand identity to educate the market on who they really are.

          Wedio – Funding Campaign

            We made a variety of content in a studio setting for Wedio to promote their funding campaign with the goal of attracting investors and generating 500.000 EUR. Our goal was to stick to their brand and create something very cinematic, dramatic and putting the community and their gear first. Here is the main film from the campaign.

            Mattemanden – Promo Film – Who are we?

              We developed a promotional film for Mattemanden who had zero video content at the time of this creation. The aim here was to demonstrate who they are, what they do and what their product is, while outlining the key USP’s of what makes them so different and unique. We kept it fast paced, exciting and dramatic, and the videos length outlines how quick and efficient their service is for their customers.

              Loving Loyalty – First Impressions Package

                Loving Loyalty are one of our Digital Impact Accelerator clients. They have an innovative software that bridges the gap between restaurants and customers, while simultaneously offering amazing rewards and gifts to users. This video is one of 24 pieces of content we made during their first month with us. The purpose of this specific piece however is to introduce their founder and what they do within 1 minute.