The 4 pillars has been a game changer for our business. The team at 4V are so attentive and professional, they will always make you the priority. We bought the first impressions package which was perfect for us since we had little video content. Within just one week, we had a ton of videos, from welcome videos, marketing ads, team interviews - we were totally covered

Peter Linné - Co founder of Windit

It was extremely easy for us I would say. With only a few instructions we got Patrick to deliver exactly what we desired, and even more than we had hoped for

Mikael Melander - CEO of Glostrup Park Hotel

I'd highly recommend working with Patrick and his team. It's been a super enjoyable process and the end result was really nice. It's a video we can see being used for a lot of different things

Klaus Thomsen - CEO of Coffee Collective

We've worked with other production companies in the past, but actually none of them had such a structured way of working and a model like 4V Films has, which just makes us feel like they know what they’re doing

Kamil Makowski - CEO of Mcon Services

What made me happiest working with Patrick and 4V Films, was that I barely had to do anything. It was such an independent job and I can just say this is what I want done, not really giving directions and still get an amazing result

Augusta Klingsten Peytz - Founder of FLA

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