It was extremely easy for us I would say. With only a few instructions we got Patrick to deliver exactly what we desired, and even more than we had hoped for

Mikael Melander - CEO of Glostrup Park Hotel

I'd highly recommend working with Patrick and his team. It's been a super enjoyable process and the end result was really nice. It's a video we can see being used for a lot of different things

Klaus Thomsen - CEO of Coffee Collective

With COVID, we had to change our events a lot, but we really think the 2021 Case Competition experience was transformed with the incredible work of 4V Films

Johan Christensen - Event Director

We've worked with other production companies in the past, but actually none of them had such a structured way of working and a model like 4V Films has, which just makes us feel like they know what they’re doing

Kamil Makowski - CEO of Mcon Services

What made me happiest working with Patrick and 4V Films, was that I barely had to do anything. It was such an independent job and I can just say this is what I want done, not really giving directions and still get an amazing result

Augusta Klingsten Peytz - Founder of FLA

4V Films definitely deliver quality and they're not expensive as other companies often are. When I recommend 4V Films to anyone, I always put emphasis on a personal and professional process which makes the video that's best for you

Daniel Nanni Serop - CEO of The Bike Buddies

I'd highly recommend 4V Films to anyone looking for a video production in Copenhagen due to their really high quality and affordable services

Jakub Taptik - Event Director at CBS

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